College can be hard

We make it easy

Orientation to Graduation

And everything in between. It pays to have a mentor you can trust no matter what campus you call home. We work with students regardless of the school they attend, and we are on call whenever you need advice.

Our Services for Current College Students


With most college consulting firms once you get accepted their assistance is over. Don’t get stranded alone just when you need guidance most!

Yes we help with the applications, but we take it even further. We are by your side as long as you would like. Choosing your major, designing your four-year plan and the classes you will take. Planning for study abroad and internships. Getting ready for life after graduation with internships, networking, and professional societies.

Our founder has advised at the community college and university levels and knows what it takes to make every ounce of this easier for students and their families.

Getting Started

Getting in was just the first step. Have you registered for orientation? Are you ready for move-in? Do you know what you will major in? Where to buy books? We work with traditional first-time-in-college students as well as adults who are returning to school navigate their first year on campus and set started off on the right foot.

Academic Advising

Most colleges have academic advising services, but the national average student case load exceeds 600 to 1. You deserve someone experienced on your side who knows your name. We work with our students no matter what college they choose to attend. And not to brag but we have won local and national awards for academic advising. Just sayin’.

Career Counseling

The job market has changed. Resumes, LinkedIn, and networking is very different in 2020. Every student deserves a mentor who can connect them to the right opportunities. Let us be your guide on what you should be doing now to be marketable for the career you want after college. Our professional network is vast and it pays to be well connected. Check out our founder.


Evaluate Transcripts

Thinking of transferring schools? Let us help you understand how your credits will transfer and walk you thru getting them evaluated by your new school.

Choosing a Major

While your major isn’t everything, it is still important. We use aptitude tests, career assesments, & personality inventories to help you choose the best major for you.

Designing Schedules

When you take something is just as important as what you take. We have over a decade of experience designing schedules & will set you up for success.

Creating 4 year plans

Less than 60% of college students finish in less than 6 years. Having an advisor on your side keeps you on track and we will make sure you never take a class thats won’t count so you aren’t wasting time.

Career Counseling

Its not enough to just have the degree, you need experience. We help connect you to internships, professional societies, and teach you how to network like a pro so you make all the connections you need to be recruited after graduation.

Study Abroad Travel

We help out students identify and apply for study abroad programs all over the world. We currently have students in London, Italy, Japan, and Australia. Let us show you you can get fully funded and start planning a trip of a lifetime!

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