Career Counseling

For life after graduation. Being prepared for life after graduation starts well before senior year. Internships, work experiences, resumes, cover letters, interview prep; its all very important. And it’s all things we do.

Helping students land jobs they love…

Career Decision Making

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Thats okay! We will show you how to explore options and try out professions.


It’s your bilboard to the professional world and it has to be perfect. We help you craft one that tells your story & helps you stand out.

Job Search

Gone are the days when applying cold online could land you job. There are too many applicants and not enough time. We help you hack your search to get noticed!

Personal Branding

You might be the best candidate, but if the hiring manager doesn’t see it, you aren’t getting the interview. A strong online presence is vital to being  recruited in 2017.

What do you want to be?

The idea of choosing what you will do for the rest of your life can seem daunting. But rest assured your career path will be much more vairied than one job! We estimate that today’s college student will have 25-30 jobs in their lifetime, and between 5-7 separate careers! With all those options where should you start? We use career inventories, personality inventories, and learning style assesments to narrow down your options to things you are most likely to enjoy. Then we help you explore those options.

The Job Search Process

Here’s a secret: There are no jobs out there waiting for you after graduation. Its simple math. We have never had this many working age adults in the global economy before. This means you will likely be doing work that is brand new, at companies that haven’t been founded yet, and using technology that hasn’t been invented yet. And that is awesome! This means that the pace of change and automation is going to open up who new worlds of possibilites for you to explore. And we will be there to guide you in finding those opportunities.


Throw out everything you think you know about resumes, and break into the new millenium. Gone are the 1 page formats and stiff layouts. Its all about color, design, and grabbing the attention of the hiring manager to stand out in a crowded application pool. Let us show you how to sell yourself and your skills, and create a resume that you can be proud of.

Networking Cards

Looking for a way to stand out from other students? Having your own networking cards that enhance your personal brand is an excellent way to show your ambition and detailed orientation. Listing your name, school, major and graduation date are a good start. Be sure to include your Linkedin profile and the type of work you are looking for so employers know what you want.

Personal Branding Online

Telling Your Story

Your personal brand should tell your story and your unique skill set and experiences.

Show Not Tell

The best way to show you can do the job, is to do the job! Concrete examples of your work and expertise will do more than listing a bunch of words on your resume.

Use Social Media to Stand Out

When was the last time you looking yourself up on Google? If you aren’t being found online, you are losing out to your competition. We can show you how to use social media to network your way to your dream job, and make valuable connections in the process.

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Everything you need to know to get started building your personal brand & how to use social media to stand out and network like a boss.

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