The last two years of high school are stressful. Around that time, teens need to worry about SAT and ACT prep, searching for colleges, applying to them, and deciding which school they’ll go to (if any). No college-bound student should have to prepare for college on their own. That’s why having a personal college coach on your side can make this stressful transition easier for students. 

At first, you might not consider hiring a college consultant to help your child, as they already have a guidance counselor at school, right? 

But a college coach is much more than that.  As an expert who spends every day in the college admissions scene, a college and career advisor can help students that have more questions than you or their guidance counselor can answer. 

Here’s how your teen can benefit from having a college coach on their side:


1. Individual Attention

Let’s be honest: your child’s guidance counselor has dozens, if not hundreds of other students to counsel. They most likely won’t be able to devote as much time to your child as you’d expect them to. A college coach can get to know their students on a more personal level, tailoring the admissions journey to their wants, needs, and desires. That means an expert will be able to give recommendations that fit your child’s talents and your family’s budget. 

2. Honest, First-Hand Opinions on Colleges

When was the last time your school’s guidance counselor visited ALL the colleges within your region? Your child’s guidance counselor might not be able to give their honest opinion on a school, simply because they’re not as familiar with colleges. After all, guidance counselors rarely leave their high school building! 

Not so with a college and career advisor. They spend all their time becoming experts on all the colleges of the US (and abroad), making contacts and connections everywhere they go. College coaches are far more familiar with the ins and outs of higher education, so they can tell your teen more about a school’s reputation, culture, and rigor. 

college coach expert on campus

You might think to ask alumni of a college about the school for some information. Although other parents or acquaintances can offer some insight on colleges, they might have an outdated view of the schools they’re familiar with. College’s reputations change over time, for better or for worse. College coaches are familiar with what schools are like right now in today’s ever-changing world.  

3. More Help with Applications

College applications: the absolute enemy of many high school juniors and seniors. College coaches can help you and your child understand college applications and essays far faster than high school programs that visit schools once a year. A college coach can help your child format their application to make it more presentable to several schools. 

If you’re worried about what major to select during college application time, an expert can help you with that as well.  It can be hard to decide what to select as your intended major, especially if your child is unfamiliar with that school’s programs or what they want to study. An expert advisor can help you hone your essay so that it can apply to several fields of study. 

4. Finding the Best Scholarships

Guidance counselors are already too busy to help your child choose colleges. They have even less time to help your child find suitable scholarships for said colleges. Some scholarships are easier to win than others, and a student’s chances depend on their talents, attributes, and how many people are eligible. 

A college coach can find scholarships that your teen should apply to and show your teen how to find more scholarships for themselves (a talent that comes in handy during college years, as some scholarships only become available once a student is enrolled in college). They can also help your child with their scholarship applications and keeping track of responses. 

5. Staying on a Strong Academic Path

Although a high school guidance counselor can help your child choose their courses for their high school career, a college coach can add their input from a college admissions perspective. They’ll be able to tell your child which classes will stand out on a college application, especially if they’re interested in a field that requires certain prerequisites. 

A college and career consultant is also there to remind your teen what the end goal is, and help them develop study habits that they can carry with them throughout their college career. Some college coaches are even available to stick with your student throughout their college journey, checking in on them during the school year and advising on classes, internships, study abroad, and more.

College Coach = Expert on Your Team

College coaches do more than just advise on colleges – they care about your student’s future. Expert coaches are fully invested in each student’s progress, wants, and needs. By hiring a college coach, your child will have a unique advantage over other students as they navigate their final years of high school and begin their college journey! Ready to get started with an expert college and career coach? Sign up here for a free first consultation with our college team.

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