You don’t have to go to college in an urban area to find local internships! There are many places to look for exciting opportunities that you may not have thought of. Regardless of your major, internships are within reach.

While some internships offer an hourly wage or a stipend, others only offer academic credit or nothing at all. Before accepting an unpaid internship offer, make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of. In the United States, internship providers need to follow certain laws. Click here to see what makes an unpaid internship legal.

Have you explored these opportunities for internships?

1. Non-profit organizations
2. Local hospitals
3. On-campus offices (disability services, financial aid, admissions)
4. Projects run by faculty (especially adjunct faculty!)
5. Local newspapers and media outlets
6. Local small/mid sized businesses
7. Churches, synagogues, and mosques
8. The local YMCA or Jewish Community Center
9. Political candidates in your college town’s district
10. Government agencies
11. Local startup companies
12. Veterinary clinics
13. Medical specialists’ offices
14. Research projects
15. Student teaching
16. Local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
17. Local libraries

If an organization doesn’t have any opportunities advertised, you can still ask if there are any opportunities for people with your skill set! You never know what an organization may need until you ask. Be sure to check out any internship flyers, fairs and e-mail lists that can expose you to local opportunities. Happy internship hunting!

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