My name is Kasandrea and I am the founder of MyAdvisorSays


Your Personal Guide to Higher Education!

Our Story


One day I was meeting with a student in my office on campus at a large university where I was an academic advisor. We were going over her transcripts and the classes she was transferring in with, discussing her goals and creating a plan for her to finish her degree. Nothing really out of the ordinary for an academic advising appointment really. At the end of our meeting the student was incredibly excited about transferring in and her plan we had mapped out and she said something offhand that would change the course of my career. “Wow this was so helpful, thank you so much! I wish I had had someone like you when I was just starting out; I wouldn’t have wasted to much time and money.” Right then and there the idea for MyAdvisorSays was born. What if I could help more students get on the right track for them earlier? Students who, like me, maybe didn’t have parents to guide them through the process. I could help them get into college sure, but I could also work with them each year keeping them on track to meet their goals, or helping them with options when they were ready for a change. Four years and thousands of students later, I am still an academic advisor but on a much more personal scale. I get to work with my students no matter what school they attend. I have a network of expert colleagues who specialize in populations (such as Veterans) and disciplines (such as Law School and Med School admissions) available to my students. Experts, who like myself, believe in the power of education and that every child should have the opportunity to attend college if they want to.  

Founder: Kasandrea Sereno

My Credentials


Bachelor of Science 2005

University of South Florida                                                                       Major: Business Management                                                                          Minor: Industrial Psychology


Master of Education 2008

University of South Florida                                                                                College Student Affairs                                                                                 Graduate Certificate in Career Counseling


MBA 2011

University of South Florida                                                                    Concentrations in Management, Marketing & Sustainability


Doctorate of Education 2019

Vanderbilt University                                                                                        Higher Education Organizational Leadership & Policy


My entire career has been dedicated to helping students navigate the college process. I am passionate about education in all forms and enjoy working with students.


Over 17 years in higher education and experience in a variety of functional areas including; Dean of Student’s Office, Admissions, Orientation, Academic Advising, Housing & Greek Life.


My connections across industries and as a member of the entreprenuerial and tech business community make me uniquely qualified to help students prepare for life after college.


I love technology and new media! One of my favorite things is teaching others how to use these tools to build their personal brand and land jobs & internships.

Our Commitment

To treat your child like our own. We are here to make every bit of the processes easier on you and your family. Not just to help you get admitted to the school of your dreams, but every step of the way. From orientation to graduation and everything in between; it pays to have an experienced mentor on your side.

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